Wobzilla 0.3

Wobzilla is a framework for creating and running a large variety of user-interfaces, from simple web-forms to complex content-editors for large documents. Wobzilla is written in JavaScript and currently runs on all webbrowsers that are based on the Mozilla codebase, most noted Netscapes Navigator and the Mozilla Browser.

With Wobzilla writing an user-interface for editing und updating your content is as simple as writing an XSLT-stylesheet for formating the content.

The expressiveness and elegance of the XSLT-language combined with a component architecture based on the ideas of Apache Avalon is the key feature that makes wobzilla unique amongst other solutions. XSLT gives you the power to select and publish content. Wobzilla adds the ability to edit the content. It provides dialogs, context-menus and other gui-widgets and fully supports editing features like redo/undo or local and global validation. Embedding your own components is an easy task, thanks to the well designed Avalon concepts and a very lean interface contract. In fact, most of the functionality of Wobzilla is just the result of a composition of some managable components.

The Wobzilla-project was started as a reference implementation for the researchs in my diploma thesis at the Department of Computer Science 3 (University of Bonn). A prototype already exists. You need Mozilla 1.3 or later for this. Play with Wobzilla. It is freely available under the terms of the new BSD license. The existing codebase is very small, to lower entry-barriers for new contributers. Any ideas and comments are very welcome.

  • Start Wobzilla prototype
  • Introduction into Wobzilla
  • How the Wobzilla framework works!
  • API of Wobzilla
  • Download Wobzilla
  • See the sourceforge project page for access to the CVS-Repository.

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